Space and Materiality

  • What does Space mean?

Space is an emptiness around us or within us.Yes, there exists a space within us as well. And to realize this space better, I was asked to close my eyes and using my non-dominant hand, JUST LET GO and DRAW.


  • Basic Study of the Hand:

We may not realize the gravity of how momentous our hand is in our everyday life all that much, but i certainly did after this exercise. Especially considering the fact that I’m a student in a design college.

Here,are some of the most basic 3 minute sketches of my Left Hand (from the wrist up) in different positions.


After this got pretty monotonous, we started sketching each other’s hands, one at a time.

Some of these 3 minute sketches are quite basic but I’ve tried to develop a few of them a bit more as well.


By the end of the session I was quite confident with my drawing skills and so I went ahead and added some flesh to the otherwise gaunt hand.

The most interesting exercise was when we were asked to sketch the hand with which were sketching while it was doing the same.


  • If there was any quality that you wished your hand could possess (which isn’t a super power) what would it be?

I wish my hand would abstain from feeding me the moment it got a cue from my tummy that i was full.


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