Integrative Seminar and Studio-1

For our first session of Integrative Studio and Seminar we were asked to list out 10 words that best describe us.

So, here are the 10 words along with my earliest memory of the incident/s that made me realize that I completely identify with them.


Back in High School, our teacher would usually dictate notes to us.And being the perfectionist that I am, if I spotted a single error, I would rip out the entire page and start all over again.


I’ve never been good with making decisions. I realized this when I was the group leader for a project in High School and I had to take all the major decisions for the group.


Ever since I was around 7, I would rearrange my entire closet on a daily basis.


I have a silly obsession that I developed when I’ve learnt how to drive , where I lock my car walk a few steps ahead and then come back and manually check whether the car is actually locked or not, not once, but a couple of times.


A few years ago, I was sitting with a piping hot cup of coffee, when I suddenly sneezed and dropped the hot beverage on my stomach and suffered a terrible burn.


I’d come home after every 10th grade exam paper and rant to my mother about how I was going to flunk each and everyone. As it turned out, I more that just managed to excel.


I never considered myself as someone who’s candid, until a couple of months ago when a friend happened to mention the same. I realized that I try my best to balance out politeness with my candidness.


When we were younger, my brother and I jointly played a prank on our aunt. Eventually when we got caught our mother gave us a piece of her mind. My brother took it in his stride and was completely cool about it, while I had tears rolling down my cheeks.


Last summer, I visited the beach, with the intention of spending about 15 minutes, just for a breath of fresh air. I made myself comfortable and before I knew it, more than an hour had gone by,  when it seemed like it had just been 15 minutes.


A few weeks ago, I was driving my friends around when, I accidentally hit a stationary car. Instead of loosing my cool and getting stressed I managed to call for help and the matter was sorted out amicably.


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