Integrative Seminar and Studio-3

We were asked to read Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of Design and asked to come up with our own 10 Principles of Design, so that we could refer to them in the future.

Here are my own 10 Principles of Design addressed to my future self:

  1. Try to think of the subject that you’re designing from the consumers point of view. Ask yourself questions.
  2. Design something that caters to as many communities and groups of people as possible.
  3. Keep it simple, in terms of the looks. Don’t make it look complicated.
  4. Make sure the colours used are bold but not too loud. Except when the intention is to design something that has a loud colour scheme.
  5. Try and make it as small as possible and portable if possible (depending on what is asked of you).
  6. Don’t overdo it. It’s good to keep improvising but to a certain extent.
  7. Try and make your design as cost -effective as possible.
  8. Always do as much research as  possible before designing something.
  9. Give more for less.
  10. Simplify complex things. In case of communication design, represent long paragraphs via mind mapping.

Here is my representation of these 10 principles using lines.

We also did a few Time Drawings.

These are 5 second representations of different words.

These are 10 second representations of different words but with my eyes closed.


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