Integrative Seminar and Studio-Headgear

In this exercise, we were asked to design a headgear, representing our individual personalities. Mine is an extremely simple design.

I started this project by making a couple of rough sketches.

After this, I started working on my prototype. I will, certainly develop this design a little more.

Work in Progress:thumb_img_2250_1024



The Inkling:


This project gives the reader a small hint about my individuality. It may seem as though I have written about all my shortcomings and my virtues in the next few paragraphs. However, this is only a slight peep into my mind. Hence, I decided to name this project, “The Inkling”.

For this project, I have used basic, everyday materials, like plastic cups, PVC pipes, tissue paper and bottle cleaner brushes.I had originally purchased the brushes and the pipes for another project that I was working on for my Space and Materiality class. However, since I didn’t end up using them there, I thought it would be interesting to see how these otherwise bleak looking objects would work with my headgear piece.

This headgear is supposed to be an expression of my personality. If you look at it as a whole the silver and gray parts of the headgear represent the negative qualities of my persona, while the white parts represent the positive. I am a strong believer of the fact that every person has good as well as bad qualities in them. Without the negative qualities, the positive cease to exist and vice versa.

There are multiple mirrors that I have attached to the plastic cups, which are semi- translucent. The semi-translucent represents the fact that I am quite straightforward and unafraid, however I also know how to be diplomatic. The multiple mirrors are representative of the fact that I reflect on myself and my behavior constantly. They also help me reflect my aura in multiple directions, which helps me to make the most of my virtues.

The pipes indicate that all the negativity and waste around me and inside me clog up my brain and curtail my wellbeing. The white bristles of the brushes on the other hand help clear the clutter in my mind and thus pave the way for a spotless side of my personality. There should be a balance between the yin and the yang. And so, the white brushes help to bring about this balance by clearing up the negativity and the clutter which clogs the gray pipes.

The feathers attached to the pipes represent the fact that I’m a dreamer and I am ready to work towards achieving my dreams. They give me wings to pursue my dreams and to reach greater heights.

The delicate paper ruffles indicate that I am extremely sensitive towards other people and their feelings. They also resemble fresh flowers which constantly remind me of the fact that I need to keep my mind and my body fresh and active.

There is a slight overlap between the previous project (which involved making a 3D object that represented our personalities) and this project. My indecisiveness is represented by the zig-zag pipe cleaners, and my clumsiness is represented by the curly pipe cleaner on the other side.






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