Integrative Seminar and Studio: Autobiography

Here’s a six chapter autobiography for you. Each chapter highlights some of the most random instances of my life. BUT….. before you start reading, take a look at the illustration that I made representing these 6 chapters and see what you can make of it.

  1. img_2573THE TEA BURN:

I was in the 2nd grade, when one day I came home feeling extremely feverish. My mother advised me to take a nap that afternoon. I skipped my lunch, and took a nap. When I woke up, I decided to have a hot cup of tea. My maid got some tea for me along with some toast. I put on an episode of Friends and rested the tray on my belly. A few metres away, my mother was packing for our trip to Dubai the next day. Suddenly, I sneezed and the hot tea spilled all over my belly. Since the tea, was piping hot , I ended up getting a second degree burn on my belly. My skin immediately blackened, charred and wrinkled up. My mother was in utter shock, but thankfully my aunt was around and together we made a trip to the hospital. I was on bed rest for about eighteen days. I ended up missing a lot of work at school and eating a ton of Cadburry bites.



Exactly a year after the “Tea Accident” I had a bad incident with my TV. It was a 25 inch box TV, which was kept on a tiny trolley with magnetic doors. The kind where, when you push the doors, they open and if you push them again, they close. I had this habit of lying down on the floor and playing with the doors of the trolley, using my feet. So, one afternoon, I was doing just that and I ended up shoving the object, instead of giving it a light push. The trolley fell behind and the TV fell on my forehead. It cracked a bit and the crack pierced my nose and ripped it open. There was blood everywhere, on the wall, on the floor. Somehow, I managed to walk to my parent’s room. I was rushed to the hospital. I had to get my nose stitched up immediately. Unfortunately, I had to get through the stitching with only a local anesthesia. Because of the amount of blood I had lost, my entire face swelled up. I had to stay home for three weeks, until I could get rid of my stitches and get back to school.



I’ve never been away from my family. I was always under the impression that I would complete my undergraduate course in my hometown and move away for my post graduation. I’ve always loved Bombay as a city. Everything here, happens at a sonic speed. Until January, I wasn’t sure about which course I wanted to pursue. So I definitely consider moving to Bombay one of the most important decisions I’ve taken, so far at least. Getting out of your comfort zone is always tough but in the end, it does pay off.



A few days after I moved to Bombay, I happened to visit a construction site. At the site, there was something wrong with the drainage system of the place, and also due to the monsoons there was a lot of stagnant water that had accumulated in the surrounding area. I hung around the place for a while with my aunt ad returned back with a lot of mosquito bites. A few days later I flew back home for the weekend, and at the airport itself I suffered a high fever, but without a cold. My family and I assumed that it was only a viral fever, and so I continued to pop in pills every time I felt a little sick. In spite of the high fever, I managed to have the time of my life with my family and friends. I had a flight back to Bombay on Monday morning. A few hours before I left for the airport, I got a blood test done. Assuming that everything would be fine, I continued getting ready to leave. But just as I was about to leave for the airport, the test results came, and I found out that I had dengue. I was hospitalized for a few days and had to pay a couple of emergency midnight visits to the hospital. However, getting royally pampered at home, more than made up for all the suffering.


  1. TRIP TO THE U.S.:

During the summer of 2012, my parents decided to take my brother and I on a trip to the United States of America. Since America is too huge we decided to explore the East coast first. We landed in New York and travelled by car to New Jersey. New Jersey was our base for the entire trip as my uncle used to live there. We stationed our bags at their place and the next morning we left Cincinnati, to visit my family friends, who lived there. We were there for about two days, during the course of which my friends took us rock-climbing and ice-skating. After this trip we went to Texas, where my grand-uncle has a ranch. We stayed at the ranch for three days. Texas, has a completely different culture, as compared to the rest of the American States. One of the days, we even went hunting. After Texas, we boarded a five day cruise from Dallas. The cruise was like a mini floating resort. The best part of it was all the unlimited ice-cream we were allowed to have on the ship. After the cruise we boarded a flight back to New Jersey, and from there we left for Buffalo to visit the Niagra Falls. It was magnificent because across the river, on the other side was Canada. The experience was beautiful. I remember feeling so insignificant when the boat took us through the mists of the Falls. It was extremely rainy, which made the experience even more beautiful.



In 2013, my family and I decided to make a trip to Coorg. First, we took a flight to Bangalore, and spent a couple of days at my family friend’s home. I hadn’t met them for a about three years, so it was really fun since we had a lot of catching up to do. After a couple of days, we hired two cars and commenced our road trip. The journey was beautiful. We stopped on the way for some roadside tea and corn on the cob. Finally we reached Coorg. It’s a small hillside town, famous for honey and coffee. Since we had visited Coorg during the monsoons, it was really foggy and it was amazing to sip a hot cup of roadside coffee. The resort we were staying in was set amidst a lush forest and there was no cell phone network.


So, we were also asked to represent our partners autobiography in a similar way.

I only used lines for this composition. Also, my partner’s autobiography was mainly centered around swimming and diving. Keeping this in mind I chose this form for the lines.




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