Space and Materiality – Hand Project

I made a hand out of Gypsum.



I used a glove as a mould and poured the thick mixture of gypsum and water into it, and left it to dry. After about six hours, the hand finally dried.





The fingers of my first prototype broke off as I didn’t insert any kind of support in the fingers. The second one was a little disfigured because I immediately left it to dry once I had put the Gypsum mixture in.

For my final hands, I inserted wires in the fingers to make them a little stronger. Also, once I had put the Gypsum mixture in the glove I held it for about fifteen minuted in that position. Once it had hardened  little bit, I left it to dry on its own.


Then, I drilled a hole in the hand and attached a wooden dowel to it. The hand was then attached to the wooden base. I then spray painted it using Gold Acrylic Paint.


For one of the hands, I attached some brackets to attach it to the wall.You can hang this on your wall or it can sit on your table top. Also, the fingers of the hand can be used to hang keys or necklaces, etc.

Since this hand wasn’t very functional, I made another hand.

Originally I wanted to make a hand, where the pointer finger would be hooked. This would help in opening latches which were at a height. I made a prototype, representing this idea. img_2866

I made the other fingers, however, I didn’t attach them as the finger on which the focus was, was the pointer finger.


I worked on this idea and made quite a few changes to it.

Finally,I decided to make a hand that would help in cleaning surfaces that are at a height.


For the prototype, I used self hardening clay for the palm. I attached a hook as the thumb. This hook can be used to unlock latches, which are at a height. I inserted bottle cleaner brushes as the fingers and attached a toothbrush cover as the handle. This toothbrush cover can be shortened by removing the cap and made longer by adding the cap.





For my final model, I decided to use a block of wood and carve it in the shape of a palm, with the help of a jigsaw. After this was done, I drilled a hole in the palm and inserted the extendable selfie stick, and locked it with a nail. After drilling holes for the fingers, I inserted the brushes.

I haven’t stuck the brushes, so that, once they wear out, they can be changed. This time I attached a bigger hook. Also, I stuck pieces of sponge on the palm.

In order to use this hand, you need to hook the fingers at the edge of the surface and move it horizontally (from left to right and vice versa). The thicker sponge is at the back of the palm and a thinner layer of sponge is attached to the front. This is because, the thicker sponge would come in the way when moving the hand, while the thinner sponge serves the purpose of a sponge and it doesn’t come in the way while cleaning.

The selfie stick that I used as the arm is of an adjustable height. So you can adjust the hand depending on the height of the surface concerned.


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