Integrative Seminar and Studio – Typography

For this assignment, we were asked to select a word out of a list of diverse words. This word was to be represented  on an A1 poster using typography as well as going really deep into the meaning of the word (tangible an intangible) and representing that on the poster.

Here are a few drafts of the poster, showing my process.






The word that I chose for my A1 poster was reflect.  Reflect essentially has two meanings; a tangible and an intangible meaning. The tangible being the bouncing back of heat and light without absorbing it and the intangible one being, thinking deeply about something. My poster is largely a representation of these two meanings.

I used this colour scheme of white, black and grey as I associate these colours with the word reflect. If you notice most of the surfaces that I want to show as mirror are painted grey. This is in context to the fact that the back of a mirror is usually a dark grey. I have used black and white as my major colours for the other elements as, conventionally, these are considered opposites of each other. This is similar to the fact that an object appears laterally inverted after reflection.

I have used a white cardboard as my base because, I am reflecting on the word “reflect” and according to me while reflecting on something you need to have a clear, unbiased and stable mind. I have also used acrylic paint as it gives a sort of a glossy finish which reflects a little light after it dries.

The Hindi “ ट “ is reflected as a “T” on the top right, considering the sequined arm of the “R” as a mirror.

The arms of the “R” also form an inverted “T” at the bottom. The other arm of the “R” extends into a black “E” which gets laterally inverted. The “I” that forms in between them is symbolic of self- reflection and introspection. This is because when we introspect, we reflect on our own behavior and personality. If you divide it into four parts, you get four “L”s .Two of which are mirrored.

The bottom arm of the “E” is an arrow, who’s image is a bigger foil arrow, considering the grey “E” as a mirror. Notice the slanting mirrored line at the bottom. This represents the fact that, if you change your perspective, you can have a bigger and better perception of yourself and other things. By doing this you can increase your self worth.

The empty space of the “R” has a black circle in it. If you consider the “R” as a mirror, outside the “R, there are two complex semi spheres with triangular shapes on them. This represents the fact that sometimes when we reflect on something too much, we tend to overthink and we make something that is very simple and basic into something that is very complex.

The center of attention in the poster is the circle in the “R” with shards of CD stuck around it. If you look at it as whole, this looks like an eye. The reason why I have used the CD shards is because, if you look at them from an angle you can see a variety of colours. These colours represent the cones in our eyes. Cones are the colour sensitive photoreceptors in our eyes. The phenomenon of reflection is enhanced when there is colour involved. Without our eyes, we wouldn’t be able to observe tangible reflection. Our eyes speak a lot about our personality and our mood. The slightest movements of our eyes, can communicate so much about our emotions. Also, its always better to have a visual image of a person or a thing, in order to reflect on it. This gives us some clarity and helps us judge the matter a lot better. The reason why I have shifted the entire focus of the poster on the “eye” is because, without our eyes, we wouldn’t be able to see reflection taking place and so this entire poster would loose its meaning.

The ball and the curved line attached to it represents a bounce, which represents the synonym of tangible reflection, which is bounce

The oscillating thread on the bounce represents multiple reflections. Although, the textbook definition of reflection suggests that all the light gets reflected and none of it gets absorbed. However, this is not true. In reality, there is no such mirror that reflects all the light. Mirrors do absorb some amount of light. This represents the fact that, when we introspect, sometimes we tend to do overdo it. This complicates things, which are otherwise very simple. And our self worth also tends to diminish. This is represented by the oscillations of the thread which diminish in size as they move along. This was my attempt to represent intangible reflection over tangible reflection.

The poster looked a little unbalanced and so I added an “F” on the bottom left corner to represent the the same in the word “ reflect”.

If you look at the poster as a whole, you will notice arrows running in different directions. This shows how our aura and persona is reflected in different directions and dimensions.

I have added tiny mirrors on the poster which represent the reflective surfaces. Because of their size, when you look into them, you see a small part of yourself. This is a small reminder, that you should introspect once in a while.


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