Drawing and Imaging- Self Portrait

We began our Second Midterm with this exercise.

Groups were made in class, and each group picked a particular Art Movement for ex. surrealism, modernism, impressionism, etc. along with a few artists of that period. Each group then did their research and explained their respective Art Movement. Mainly, we focused on Self portraits of the artists.

Luckily, my group picked Cubism and Modernism.

Here’s a little brief on Cubism and Modernism.


I found these two Art Movements really fascinating. This according to me, marked the beginning of freedom in art. Art was no longer rendering things as we saw them. Rather, it was an individual’s interpretation of things.


Here’s a self portrait of me, strictly keeping in mind Cubism and Modernism.


Also, I have merged different perspectives of the face into an integrated whole. This justifies Cubist Art.

Notice how some of the organs are rendered in a hyper realistic manner, however others are not. This justifies a significant feature of Modernist Art, among other things.

I have used Acrylic paints for this self portrait. This was a really fun exercise. I enjoyed it, especially because of the medium I was using. The thing I like the most about Acrylic paint, is that after it dries you can go over it with a completely different colour without having the two coats merge.


Next, we were asked to make another self portrait, not keeping any specific art style in mind. This portrait was then to be made digitally, using Adobe Illustrator.

I made a rough portrait first, and then started working on it digitally.


This is what the Digital Self-Portrait looked like:


I wanted to make this stronger conceptually, and so I worked on it some more.



Artist Statement:

This Self-Portrait represents WHO I AM. It specifically focuses on my career and the field that I have chosen. After high-school, I was a little confused as to what to pick as my career. There were so many choices, so many options. Moreover, I am prone to quite a bit of indecisiveness, which made it even tougher to freeze on a course.

So, the portrait, starts with tiny shards and pieces of different shapes and sizes. These represent the diversity in the different choices at hand.They aren’t organized, which represent the fact that I would seem to be drifting towards one direction and then completely change course. This is true, not just in terms of picking a career, but considering anything and everything for which I need to make a choice.

As you move from the left, towards the right,these shards begin to increase in size. Also, the colours which are used now, belong to the same palette. This is to represent the fact that as time passed by, my thoughts and ideas about my career became clearer and more concrete. As I went deeper into this topic, I realized what  wanted an what I did not want. Speaking in general terms as well, I always tend to consider all my options, conduct a detailed evaluation of each of them and then finally make a decision.

These shards, then go on to form my face. Individually they also represent different aspects of my personality.  These different elements of character, the dull and the bright ones, finally make me the the person that I am.

The reason why each shard is a 3D shape and not a 2D one is to represent the fact that every quality of mine, is complex in its own way. It can be considered a good quality by some by looking at it from “one side”, while it can be considered a bad one by looking at it from the other. The same idea applies to the shards if you consider them options for my career.





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