Objects as History-The Heretic King (Research Paper):

THE HERETIC KING  INTRODUCTION:   Fig.1-Bust of Akhenaten.[1] Akhenaten was the tenth King of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, He ruled for seventeen years and died maybe in 1336BC or 1334 BC. Originally born as Amenhotep IV, he was the younger son of Amenhotep III and his Chief Queen Tiyee. Akhenaten is remembered for dramatically…

Objects as History – Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints:

Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints by Raphael: This painting was created by Raphael (Raphaello Sanzio) in ca. 1504. For this he used oil and Gold on wood as the medium. The overall dimensions of this painting are 5.57 ft x 5.57 ft. The dimensions of the painted surface are 5.56 ft x 5.48 ft….

Objects as History – The Elephant of Elephanta

The Elephant of Elephanta:   The Elephant of Elephanta is an enormous sculpture of an elephant. This stone elephant stood at the entrance of Rajabunder Jetty to Elephanta Island or Gharapuri. The Rajabunder Jetty was exclusively used by the Rajas. The Elephant was mainly symbolic of royalty, as well as mental strength, earthiness and responsibility….

Integrative Seminar and Studio- The Interview

Groups were made in class, and each group was asked to pick any market in Mumbai and conduct a detailed study of it. We were asked to study it, especially focusing on our five senses. For this exercise, groups of two were made in class, such that, each person from this group belonged to a…

Integrative Seminar and Studio – The Power of Maps Review:

THE POWER OF MAPS: Its interesting how someone can actually write a book centered around something as simple as a map. In our daily lives, we don’t quite realize the importance of a map and how vital it is in representing, illustrating and visualizing a particular place. Whether we use it digitally or on paper….