Integrative Seminar and Studio- The Interview

Groups were made in class, and each group was asked to pick any market in Mumbai and conduct a detailed study of it. We were asked to study it, especially focusing on our five senses.

For this exercise, groups of two were made in class, such that, each person from this group belonged to a different Market Study Group.

Each of us had to interview the other in keeping with the subject of the market that their group had chosen.

Q1. What kind of a place is your market? (is it crowded?) Does is it have any speciality?

A1.  The market that we have chosen is Kumbarwada Market. It was quite crowded outside, however, once you walk a little towards the interior, it gets a lot quieter.                                        

This market is mainly known for its clay ware. Such as, pots, diyas, etc.


Q2. How did you travel there?

A2. We traveled there by train, and then hired a taxi to take us from the station to the market.


Q3. What difficulties did you face while you were there?

A3. Most of the people there, were quite nice. However, some were very rude. They were very reluctant to let us interview them. It was quite suffocating, because of the fumes and it was extremely hot. It was quite foggy and smoky inside, attributed to the baking of clay goods. The market is like a maze.


Q4. Did you collect anything from there? If yes, what?

A4. We collected broken shards of pots and diyas.


Q5. What did you learn from this experience?

A5. Personally, I learnt the value of things. I’m so fortunate to be studying in a comfortable classroom. The potters at Kumbarwada work 11 hours a day, with no goverment concession. Inspite of their working conditions, they’re still cheerful.                    Also, most of the potters are well educated.

For the next exercise, we were asked to sketch a space based on our partner’s perception. We weren’t allowed to look at the place. The sketch was composed only considering the description that my partner gave me.






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