Space and Materiality-Iskcon Temple

We had to make a 2ft x 2ft installation of a religious site designated to us. This installation had to depict our personal experiences at the religious site, in terms of our five senses. Also, this model had to be made according to scale, based on a 10ft x 10ft model.

This is what the temple actually looked like.

We started with a few rough sketches. Since the model that we were making had to be made in scale we converted our measurements.


Since the temple was based on Lord Krishna, we decided to make the Bhagwad Gita with the map of Vrindavan.


Soon, we changed our original idea, and made new sketches for the same.

We made the base out of a piece of plywood. Then we cute acrylic sheets in the shape of square and suck those, to represent the flooring.

We decided to leave the structure open. The four inner pillars represented the main alter.

This is what our model finally looked like.



This installation is an abstract representation of Iskcon Temple in Juhu. The feel of Iskcon is such that even though, you’re restricted by the guided path, you still feel an air of freedom. The three wooden panels covering the periphery of the main alter, represent the variation of light between the two. The abstract painting on either side represent the numerous mythological stories surrounding the alter . The Terracotta wall is the first thing that you see when you enter the installation, as the outer wall of the temple is also made out of the same. There are inscriptions in various languages , hanging from the pastel ceiling, which creates a contrast with the bold flooring. The metal hanging from the top, represents the barricades that guide you through Iskcon.




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