Space and Materiality – Wearable

Sketches of different gestures:

Sketches of wearable item:



The first prototype is out of PVC pipes and cloth the second one is made out of wire mesh.

The problem with this prototype was that both the arms involved in the gesture were bent. Because of this we couldn’t use the PVC pipes as the cloth joint wasn’t strong enough to hold it. Also,we couldn’t fit the pipe according to the size of the arm.

In the second prototype, my main aim was to study the interaction of the two arms with one another.

I learnt how to knit with rope, using pencils, and made macrame threads out of the same.


I also used scrap fabric and cotton to make cubes.

Using an old shirt, I cut off its sleeves. On one sleeve, I attached the knit item and on the other, I attached the cubes, along with the macrame threads.

Then I positioned the arms and stitched them together.


It was a little difficult to stitch all the items onto the sleeve. Especially the knit cloth.

After this, we hemmed the edges and the wearable was ready.


A side hug gives the other person comfort and restores strength and confidence in the person who needs it. The arm that is knit is worn by the upset friend who needs comfort and is rested on the shoulder of the comforter. The rope gives the arm a very rough look and feel. It represents how uncomfortable and uneasy the person is feeling. These negative emotions, flow into the other arm, in the form of macrame threads, made out of the same rope. The other arm is very soft and comfortable, signifying that when the person wearing it gives the upset person support, he transforms his friend’s negative energy into positive energy. He restores confidence in his friend, by holding his back and making him feel comfortable and safe.



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