Time – Introduction

My personal interpretation of Time:


Gel pens and Juice cartons make me conscious of time. My gel pens take ages to run out of ink, and I always set deadlines (which they surpass) for them to run out. I always think twice, before opening up a packaged juice carton. They expire within three days of opening them.

While watching a captivating movie, I always keep glancing at the time to see how much longer my enjoyment can last. It’s the same case when I get my hands on good food. I tend to eat the food item slower than usual if it is extra tasty. This forms the illusion that the food item is large in terms of quantity.

When I’m traveling in an airplane, i somehow keep checking the flight route and the duration o the flight on the TV screen. Airplanes and airports make me more conscious of Time.

They say, “Time is Money”.  I always relate the two. And when one word is said, the other immediately comes to mind.

Decade old notebooks, that my mother has preciously saved, remind me of the years that have passed by and the way my handwriting has developed with continuous practice. Even the contact numbers in my phone book remind me of time. With the passing of time, you get to meet and know new people.

Bike rides make me aware of Time. The wind in my hair and on my face, make me realize the speed at which time is passing by. It almost feels as though I’m racing against it.

The shrill shrieks of the pressure cooker serves as the most punctual alarm. I think about time when I brush my teeth every morning. It feels as though the faster I brush, the faster the time goes by.

Watching ice cubes quickly melt away remind me of time. Oxidized silver makes me aware about the fact that as time goes by everything slowly deteriorates.

The innumerable waves in the ocean remind me of time. As time goes by, the old waves retreat, and they are replaces by new waves.

For the next exercise we were divided in pairs and each one was asked to swap a song with each other.

I made my partner listen to No Time For Caution by Hans Zimmer.

I worked with The Night Me and Your Mama Met by Childish Gambino.

Each of us then had to visualize the song and sketch it out. (This could be an abstract interpretation).


This was my interpretation of the Childish Gambino s0ng.

The following was my work on the Hans Zimmer song, keeping in mind my partner’s interpretation of the song.


Next, we had to divide our assigned songs into three main parts, and pick those up from our own interpretation of the song as well as the second one made by our partners.

Childish Gambino track:


These thumbnails were then enlarged into 6″x 4″  abstract postcards.

My interpretation:


Partner’s interpretation:


The first bit of the song reminded me of the ocean. It felt as though I was relaxing on a beach, watching the sun set. Hence the colors. Also the initial beats of the song made me think of a pendulum or a ticking clock. It was kind of like a heartbeat.

My interpretation:


Partner’s interpretation:


The electric guitar in the second part of the song, reminded me of beautiful chaos. It made me think of a busy city like Mumbai, or of a man welding. This part of the song was completely different than the rest of it. The entire song is calm and smooth. However this unexpected rock guitar bit is completely unexpected. Although it is chaotic, it gives character to the song which makes it all the more beautiful.

My interpretation:


Partner’s interpretation:


The ending of the song made me think of a scenic landscape. Somewhat like a grassy mountain top, and a deep blue sky coupled with beams of yellow and orange. It reminded me of the exhausting, yet beautiful journey of a climber, and the view that he enjoys after finally reaching the mountain top. This instrumental made me feel suspicious of what was coming next. The gradual increase in height of the curvy line in the first image, represent how my suspicion grew as I continued listening to the song.This music also made me think of the movement of an insect or a butterfly trying to fly higher and higher diagonally. The ending of the song was much like how it began. Hence, I decided to include my interpretation of multiple oscillations of a pendulum.

Hans Zimmer track:

My interpretation:

img_4965Partner’s interpretation:

In the beginning, the song reminded my partner of something that was shiny. something sparkling and dazzling like stars.

My interpretation:


Partner’s interpretation:

According to my partner’s interpretation, the sound track makes you think of something enormous and big. It’s as though the sound track is building up to make anticipate something big.

My interpretation:




Partner’s interpretation:

The ending of the song, made my partner feel the same way as it did when it began. However, this time, he saw light coming in from one side.

I made this cover for all my postcards:




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