Integrative Seminar 2 – A Day in my Life

A Day in my life:

I wake up with the monotonous barks of my pet dog, coupled with a strong smell of filter coffee. I hear faint horns and sirens on the busy street outside.

I step out of my apartment, and call for the lift. The bright red digital display of the floor number remind me of a calculator. Now, the numerous noises of the street become clearer and sharper.

On my way to college, I notice a number of gaudy red, green and yellow dots in the distance. At the first signal itself, a young woman with an infant in her arms, approaches me and begs for money. When I don’t respond, she leaves my vision with a hand imprint on my window. This reminds me of the earliest cave paintings by man shown to us by our history teacher.

As I move through DN Nagar, I notice the numerous light stores and their logos. Some are witty and make sense, others just don’t. I see beautiful typography made with LED strips of different colours.

I roll down my window to get a fresh breath of the morning air. I breathe in. There is an over powering taste sulphur in my mouth.  I bite a piece of the apple sitting next to me to overpower the taste of the pollutant still in my mouth.

On my way to college, I cross a church right after Mahim church, which displays a thought every day on the small ruled billboard outside. I always make it a point to read it.

I constantly hear loud horns throughout the journey. It highlights the impatience of the general public. I notice the rust on some of the traffic symbols along the way.

The soft neck pillow that I am using makes me feel as though I’m still in bed. Often times, I feel the heat from the harsh rays of the sun. I notice the patterns that they form on the seat and its texture.

On my way back, I notice the arrows at IndiaBulls directing us towards the exit.

I enjoy observing the people around me at traffic signals. Its almost like I’m analyzing their behavior. I look at the way they walk, they talk to other people, the way they are dressed, etc.

Sometimes the unfinished paint job on the numerous buildings across Bombay, form interesting patterns.

On my way back, a I’m entering the highway, I notice a sea of car backlights ahead of me. I feel the softness of the neck pillow that I am wearing.

As I prepare to cross the road, I notice a rickshaw driver zooming towards me. I signal to him with my hand to stop and I cross the road.

By night, the city scape comprises of black outlines with a series of glimmering dots on a deep blue sky.





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