Integrative Seminar 2 – My City


The city that I come from is Panjim. It is the capital of Goa. As a kid I would spend most of my summer vacations in Mumbai. The fact that Mumbai being a city, was bigger than the entire state of Goa would never fail to amuse me. Compared to Mumbai, Panjim is simply a tiny speck on the vast map of India.

To me, its unlike any other city in Goa. The main road running through the city is protected by an alluring canopy of trees, planted by the Portuguese on either side of the road. I find the reflections of the running trees on my car window ever so enchanting. In my opinion, Panjim is the perfect marriage of an old traditional city and an urban, developing one. One comes across colourful, Portuguese Goan villas with huge white windows, and at the same time can see the tops of tall concrete giants, towering over the numerous people below.

The city houses a place called Campal, one the most scenic places in the entire State. It consists of a garden overlooking a river with a rocky shore. This is a popular haunt of mine. Sometimes, its interesting to notice the stark contrast in terms of visuals, sound, and smell between this most beautiful retreat and the organized chaos of the city behind me.

Panjim will always, be extremely special to me. It will forever remind me of regular family dinners at a popular Pan-asian joint, located in the heart of the city. For two years until I started driving, every evening my mother and I would go on drives across the city. We would hardly chat with each other, instead we would simply enjoy the energetic atmosphere of the city coupled with good music.

Over the years there have been many drastic changes that have been brought about in this most magnificent city. However, it has still managed to maintain its original, traditional identity, and I hope it continues to do so till it lasts.






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