Integrative Seminar 2 – Article Reviews

My Article is called Tommy’s Girl by Rishna Shah which speaks about Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.
What I liked about this article was how simple the language used was. There werent any overwhelming words used. It was very direct, to the point, and crisp.
The summary managed to cover all the key points.
I quite liked the way the article started- it was on a very light note.. it starts by quoting Tommy he says he needs to save a front row seat for Gigi’s BFF Taylor Swift.
The flow of the article is also very good.I like the way Rishna has segregated the piece.
I like the fact that they specifically spoke about India. The part where they suggest pieces for Indian people. If it was a very generic article it wouldn’t have impacted me as much as it did just with the mention of Indian fashion.
The order of the sections was something I appreciated also. It went from why Gigi was picked to a little bit about their collaboration, then it moved on to how the clothing is made available to the public the next day after the fashion show. Finally the writer has concluded by talking about the American Dream and how Tommy started out and has reached where he has and his future plans.
One thing I didn’t like about the article was how detached the sections were there wasn’t a proper flow between them.
There’s a little box telling you what the carnival show was all about. I like the way this information has been condensed and then displayed in a tabular format.
Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.58.30 PM
Link to the Article:
The second article I chose was called “I Never Thought About Visiting Rotterdam Until I Saw This Airbnb,” by Lilit Marcus. This article speaks about the Cube Houses of Rotterdam.
The writer has a very informal tone running through the entire article, but manages to slip in little pieces of information which would otherwise be considered boring. She mentions Instagram and Instagrammers. I feel this is a very smart way to catch hold of someone’s attention, especially considering young teenagers.
I like how these Cube Houses have a modern appearance to them but they were in fact built in 1977. Architect Piet Blom was asked to create new housing in this area which was close to the harbor and was badly damaged during World War 2. The writer mentions how close theses houses were from one another. She says that if she stuck her hand out her bedroom window she could easily touch her neighbors window. This was fitting because , Blom was all about designing for communities rather than individuals.
I like the way the writer has sectioned he paragraph. However, this is only evident in the beginning of the article. Towards the end, the information all gets jumbled up. She mentions Rotterdam’s other architectural marvels, before she finishes talking about her experience in the Cube Houses.

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