Integrative Studio 2-Indian Truck Art

I’ve always been fascinated with Indian Truck Art. So when my Studio faculty told us that we need to pick a topic of interest to work on for the rest of the Semester, I knew exactly what it had to be.

After working on my Research Paper, I made the following technical sketches. The elements that I have sketched are the ones that are seen most commonly on Indian Trucks. What’s more is that each of these icons have a specific reason why they are depicted on a truck.

Although these  icons and stories that are depicted on each truck seem standardized. They in fact are very personal. They represent each truckers individual background and journey.

I found this very interesting, just how deceptive Indian Truck Art really was. So I decided to make my own version. What if I had a truck of my own?

Indian Truck Art Final 1

Since I hail from Goa but study in Mumbai, I knew it had to be a hybrid of both. Goa was a Portuguese colony at one point of time and its influence still evident in certain parts of the State. Especially considering how beautiful, Portuguese Azulejo tiles are still a part of most traditional Goan homes.

Mumbai is know for Bollywood. I considered how Indian Truck Art is basically and adaptation of hand painted Bollywood posters (which in turn are an adaptation of Western Pop Art).

So I decided to amalgamate the two cultures with these two elements from each; the Azulejo tiles and Bollywood.

The lotus is the mos common icon seen on Indian Trucks. And the peacock is the National Bird of India.


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