Integrative Seminar – Poem Reviews


“Lazy Jane” is a simple poem written by Shel Silverstein. And its very simplicity is what makes it so appealing. The reason  I chose to review this poem is because it was one of the few poems that I came across where the illustration plays a very important part. Although the words used throughout the poem are simple, their repetition simply overemphasizes their meaning. For example, the repetition of the word “lazy” gives the reader the picture that Jane in fact was an extraordinarily lazy person. Similarly, repetition of the word “wait” gives the reader the impression that Jane waited for a really long time. I love the fact that this poem is so short. It’s quick to read and the illustration simply enhances the whole experience of reading this piece. I like the way the words were placed in this fashion, which gives them an impression of rain.


Zebra Question

This poem made me look at things the way I have never looked at them before. Its not uncommon for one to question whether a zebra has black stripes on a white hide or white stripes on a black hide. However, it is uncommon for one to question whether he is good with bad habits or bad with good habits. Or if he is happy on sad days or sad on happy days. These are questions that one would never raise and that’s what I find so fascinating about this poem. Like all his other poems, this one too has been written in simple language. It starts on a light note, however, as you progress through it, you tend to introspect a bit. The poem ends on a light note.



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