Sustainable Systems – Up-cycle

Note: The Desk Lamp and the Miniature Chandelier were made by my classmate Alefiyah Lakdawala and me. I made the final Lamp by myself.

Four Legged Duck Lamp:

The body of the lamp was made using an old bowl found in my mother’s kitchen. I ‘ve stuck the heads of old spoons, onto the duck, to represent his feathers.I made a hole on the base of the bowl and fit a  drain pipe in so that the electric wire could pass through easily. For the neck of the duck I have used a corrugated machine pipe, to which i have attached the bulb. To give the pipe a little stability, i inserted a bendable metal wire. For the legs, I have used air-drying clay and painted them with acrylic paints. I added some coloured feathers and a paper beak for decoration.

Until recently, I was always under the impression that ducks, crows and chicken had not just 2, but 4 legs. So I thought I would customize this desk lamp and give this Duck 4 legs as well.



Alefiyah and I decided to collect the waste we found at our respective homes. We laid this waste before us and brainstormed together before finally coming up with an up-cycle product.

Desk Lamp:

We made this desk lamp using the following waste items we found lying around:

  1. Wooden block
  2. Spare drain pipe
  3. Piece of mirror
  4. Toy metal piece found in the game Mechanix
  5. Top half of used plastic water bottle
  6. Packaging of Orbit chewing gum
  7. LED strip used in previous project
  8. Battery and its Cap used in previous project

We finished making the lamp withing 3 hours. Initially, we considered using an old cup of coffee as the head of the lamp. But reconsidered this alternative when we realized the LED strip could be seen through the transparent bottle head.

Miniature Chandelier:


We made this miniature chandelier using old CDs and an old packaging box. We especially bought cone shaped bulbs so that they would fit through the holes in the CD. then, by making holes in the box, we inserted the wires through them and thus used this to neatly arrange all the wires.






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