Sustainable Systems – Case Study on Infosys CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility of Infosys Technology Ltd.:

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept wherein large organizations, based upon the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment, consider the interests of society for all aspects of their daily operations.

India is one of the first countries in the world to make corporate social responsibility mandatory, following an amendment made to The Company Act, 2013 in April 2014. The government of India passed controversial legislation which requires large companies to spend at least 2 percent of their profits every year on CSR activities. This bill applies to companies with an average net profit of at least 50 million rupees over a period of three years. Most organizations in India have taken up CSR initiatives and integrated them into their business processes.

Infosys Technology Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Narayan Murthy and today it has offices in 22 countries. The Infosys Foundation was created in 1996 and it is involved in three major CSR activities; learning and education, art and healthcare and social rehabilitation and upliftment. Learning and Education ; it has donated 10,200 books in Karnataka alone and reconstructed 14 Government schools. Art and Healthcare ; It has constructed the Infosys Super Speciality Hospital alone with a Pediatric Hospital. It has installed the Office Management Software at KEM apart from this it also organizes cultural programs. Social Rehabilitation and Upliftment ; It has constructed hostels, orphanages, old age homes and been involved in the rehabilitation of Devdasis. In 2009, it organized an eye donation and blood donation camp in Pune. While in Hyderabad a PC donation camp was organized along with organizing facilities for rural schools in Chennai.

India is a diverse country in terms of people, language, terrain, communication, food, clothing, etc. But a common problem that runs throughout the country are innumerable health issues and not enough resources being allocated towards solving them. A meagre 2% of GDP is allocated by the Government of India towards the Health sector. A large number of the health issues are easily preventable. Failing which, they not only consume the allocated resources but it also leads to a loss of man hours thereby burdening the economy further. When global companies like Infosys Technology Ltd. take up the initiative to work in the health sector through CSR activities, they help towards building a healthier country thereby easing the burden of the Government to some extent. The second aspect is education. Large scale illiteracy is the key reason why social evils like dowry, female infanticide and feticide, corruption etc. are still rampant. Also, due to lack of education, people are unaware of their constitutional rights and duties and can be easily mislead. Providing education to each and every citizen of the country, will make them aware of their rights and duties, thus empowering them. This will contribute towards making India a progressive nation. These two sectors are probably the best to contribute towards, as invariably they touch every individual’s life. If these global industries contribute to society through their CSR activities, it will definitely help the Government of India in a large way.



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